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本·戴维, Director & 高级设计师

本开始了他的高尔夫球场设计职业生涯时,他加入了总部位于墨尔本的的卡什莫尔高尔夫球设计 (CGD) 在 1996. He gained significant experience overseas and was the Senior Designer responsible for many of that company’s projects in Australia, 越南和中国. 本留在CGD 2008 to form Davey Shearer Golf Design. He has worked on the design and construction of more than 40 在澳大利亚的现有的和新的高尔夫球场项目, 中国, 越南和韩国.

奔提出了在墨尔本, 在那里他学会打高尔夫球,在著名的“Sandbelt'区域, 许多世界级高尔夫球场, 包括 皇家墨尔本高尔夫俱乐部, 金斯敦 - 希思高尔夫俱乐部维多利亚高尔夫俱乐部. The design of these courses made a lasting impression on Ben and he has clear views about what makes a great golf course.

本有一个环境学理学士 (1993), 在城市规划和研究生文凭 (1998) and Landscape Architecture (2002), all from the University of Melbourne. He is a full member of the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects.

Ben lives on the Mornington Peninsula, 在那里他定期播放 数十家当地著名的高尔夫球场. He is also a 25 年的成员,皇家墨尔本高尔夫俱乐部, where he plays to a single figure handicap. Ben is married and has two young children.

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