DE 13th


双鹰实地考察 (412日)

决定继续进行,总重路由,因此后面的总重建 9, 奔出席了现场检查大型土方工程的进度. 本形容这是 “….一个非常不愉快的实地考察与温度不高于上升 -5 degrees and the wind blowing so hard across the exposed sand it felt like being sand blasted in a freezer!” With the chill factor it was probably -20 degrees. All the lakes had now frozen and work will have to stop in the next few days due to the ground freezing. Rough shaping of greens and bunkers is complete, however a lot of work will be required when work restarts as the winter weather will cause considerable damage. Already though, Ben说回 9 已采取一个更为开放, generous character – 更换可怕的来回孔 12-16 和可怕分离墩. 孔 10 (这是一个 610 院子里面值 5), 已被替换为一个较短的 530 院子里面值 5 and a par 3. This freed up space to re-route the old holes 11-16.


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