11th hole (small)


双鹰高尔夫球场在北京南郊的开发 2005 (by the original owners) to be a brutal test of golf. Consisting of 36 孔, 北当然重量超过 7800 与最极端的一些码, difficult and ridiculous golf we has ever seen! The redevelopment of the Golf Club started with the South course which consisted of 18 新菜, 整个新掩体, new drainage and irrigation and a major rerouting of the back 9. The routing of the front 9 保持不变,因为它是可以接受的.

The original course was built with extensive ‘separation moundingbetween holes which was both ugly and gave little variation to the holes. Unfortunately, due to limitations on tree removal, many of these mounds between holes had to remainespecially on the front 9. But we have introduced a new bunkering style, designed 18 新菜, widened fairways wherever possible and created a course that has far more playing options, is more fun and interesting to play and less arduous for poorer golfers.

已于六月完成最终成形 2013, 课程十月正式开业 2013.

Pictured below from left are; the par 4 12日, 短面值 4 15日, 18th from behind the green, 380 metre par 4 13th and the 16th green. Header photo is the short par 3 11日.

12th hole15th hole (small)18th hole (small)13th hole (small)16th hole (small)



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