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建设 36 孔把课程抚顺, 辽宁, 正在以疯狂的速度冬季到来之前. 鲍勃离开工地上周本已交接力棒. 占地约面积 3.5 公顷, 并与“孔’ 从长度不同 8 到 45 米, this putting-only course may be the largest in the world.

The putting holes snake their way across a hillside and the course will form part of an enormous Theme Park that is also under construction. The Theme Park is vast and includes a hotel based on the Disney Castle, amusement rides, roller coasters, a go-cart racing track, a white water rafting course, a ski slope and much more!

The putting course is really an enormous landscape project that includes ponds, creeks, waterfalls, rocky outcrops, stone walling, bridges and of course the sometimes wild and whacky holes that have been designed as a real golf hole should bewith different options available, risk-reward, side slopes that will feed the ball around corners and lots of movement in what are usually slow putting surfaces in this part of the world.

Construction has been slowed by wet cold weather, but irrigation installation is underway with sandcapping proposed for next week. Final shaping, finishing and grassing will be done in Spring 2014 after the snow melt.

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