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米尔迪拉高尔夫度假村已经走上了重建其网站组成的细分 100 配额, 和一个高尔夫球场的升级, 刚刚庆祝其百年诞辰. 坐落在半沙漠地区,是 (recieving平均只是280毫米降雨), Mildura has developed because of the Murray River which supplies irrigation water to the many vineyards and fruit tree farms. The golf club too relies entirely on the Murray River for its irrigation supply.

舞台 1 下旬开始重建 2011 并开放供发挥四月 2012. 舞台 1 包括建设一个新的面值 3 2第二孔和第三孔的调整和延长. This enabled the first stage of the subdivision to commence.

该地段的销售强劲,使舞台 2 在10月开始 2012, and this work was completed in January 2013. It consists of 2 新的漏洞, 16日和17日对新的土地收购高尔夫度假村. This new land was very flat, 地势低洼,而且容易发生洪水,基本上是寸草不生的 (因为周围的平原). The only vegetation consisted of very hardy desert salt bush. This contrasted with the existing golf course, 其中有一个非常成熟的景观,大量种植桉树 (满江红牙龈和糖胶) and a variety of Pines, 其中有许多是超过 100 years old. It will be many years before the new holes have this same mature character.

16日是一个很长的面值 4 和17短面值 4. A large lake was constructed between the holes to provide the fill to elevate the holes above flood level and give them visual interest.

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