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项目 (中国)

项目 (中国)

自公司成立以来,早期 2009, Davey Shearer has undertaken design work on more than 15 golf course projects in China. Several of these are completed and open for play, 尚在建设, while some are in the planning stages. We have developed significant and valuable ongoing relationships with our clients.

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约瑟夫·施, 亚洲业务经理

A key support to our success in China lies with Davey Shearer’s Asia Business Manager, 约瑟夫·施. Joseph has more than 20 高尔夫设计行业在中国工作多年的经验,并曾与其他一些设计师, including Peter Thomson and Greg Norman. 约瑟夫一直参与设计和建造更多的比 20 中国高尔夫球场; he has been involved in golf in China since its introduction to that country in the early 1990s. Joseph has been with Davey Shearer since the formation of the company and controls and manages all of Davey Shearer’s projects in China. He ensures the clear communication of a client’s requirements throughout the life of a project.