Rottnest MASTERPLAN (May 12)


Rottnest岛实地考察 (8-97日)

在7月8日(星期一)奔参观罗特内斯特岛是什么可能是最终的施工访问. 所有工程 9 青菜, 加1500平方米的果岭, 是完整的,植草正在使用Velvetine雀稗 – 在澳大利亚西部开发的各种. 舞台 1 of the redevelopment included new greens and tees but no work was done to any of the existing fairways – 除了挖沟灌溉. 由于水供应不足 (处理设施,直到升级完成), 预算很紧, 完成时间 (冬天), 和材料岛上的物流, only greens and tees can be be irrigated at this stage. Tim Lovell oversaw much of the construction, 增长由彼得·弗莱明被监督, formerly of Burswood Country Club.

奔说, “老课程的路由并没有改变, 但当然会玩的很不同,现在,它有多种发球位置和“真正的’ 青菜. The greens have been designed to allow for plenty of pin positions, 但如果傻冒一个绿色的错误部分, there is a lot of movement and youll have a tough putt. I think the greens will be a lot of fun”.