Yudakou ‘Royal’ Golf Club is located 7 hours drive north of Beijing, past the Ancient city of Chengde, 和边界内蒙古. 在 2009 戴维希勒完成了第一 7 孔是什么最终将是一个 36 孔工程. The site at Yudakou is blessed with natural sand dunes, 沙'井喷', white birch trees and spectacular scenery. Of the holes completed, 长期面值 4 5日和中旬长度面值 4 16日是出色的孔. 面值 3 12只是起着日 130 米. This site is perhaps the best Davey Shearer have ever seen for an inland golf course anywhere, 与纯砂, natural birch forests and a beautiful descent down into a ravine with an untouched river. All of this at 1500m above sea level.

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