Ben has just returned from 2 weeks in China where he visited their completed course at Fushun, Liaoning Province.  Davey Shearer have started construction on a new 36 hole ‘putting course’.  The ‘holes’ will wind their way up and down a hillside adjacent to the existing golf course and will form part of a very large Theme Park currently under construction.  There will be 2, 18 hole courses with the holes varying in length from 5-40 metres with lots of dips and turns to make it a lot of fun to play.  The landscaping will be a feature of the course with several creeks, ponds and waterfalls adding to the playing experience. Earthworks will be completed before winter, and grassing and landscaping will take place next in 2014.

Ben also visited Double Eagle in Beijing which will open shortly.  He also visited a potential new project near Guilin in the south.  Photos are (above) Double Eagle 18th (prior to sand placement), Jo on site in Guilin, Double Eagle 15th with its central bunker and Fushun (Golden Bay) short par 4 15th with the new hotel under construction in the background!

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Jo at GuilinDE hole 15Fushun 15th