Double Eagle site visit (4th December)

Following the decision to proceed with the total rerouting and therefore total reconstruction of the back 9, Ben attended the site to check on the progress of bulk earthworks. Ben described this as “….an extremely unpleasant site visit with the temperature not rising above  -5 degrees and the wind blowing so hard across the exposed sand it felt like being sand blasted in a freezer!”   With the chill factor it was probably -20 degrees.   All the lakes had now frozen and work will have to stop in the next few days due to the ground freezing.  Rough shaping of greens and bunkers is complete, however a lot of work will be required when work restarts as the winter weather will cause considerable damage.  Already though, Ben says the back 9 has taken on a far more open, generous character – replacing the awful back and forth holes 12-16 and their terrible separation mounding. Hole 10 (which was a 610 yard par 5), has been replaced with a shorter 530 yard par 5 and a par 3.  This freed up space to re-route the old holes 11-16.


DE planDE 12thDE 10th