The new 9th, 18th and practice greens are completed and growing in at Mornington Golf Club. The work, which was mainly completed by the Club’s staff, commenced in late August. The 9th hole will be a far better hole with its new green moved about 30 metres left and much lower than the old green. The original green was very artificially pushed up on a steep slope in front of the clubhouse, presenting an awful steep climb to the putting surface.

The new 18th has been moved further away from the clubhouse and is now a much larger and more interesting green. It is bunkered on the left now and and short right.

The new practice green is located adjacent to a new paved outdoor seating area. It is very large at just under 1000m2 and has far more interesting putting options than the old practice green. We are sure it will be popular as an after-golf bit of fun as well as a practice green – given its proximity to the bar!