Ben Davey and Joseph Shi spent Chinese New Year in Fuzhou, China presenting plans for a new 27 hole project, located less than 100 km’s from their completed project at Putian.  The overall project includes a 5-star hotel, a ‘mountain’ spa resort, mountain villas, and a large area of medium and high density residential development.  Davey Shearer have re-planned the entire project because the local Masterplanning company had located the golf course on land way too steep to build anything other than an awful ‘terraced’ golf course. The golf course is now located in the valley between two mountain ranges – still very steep in parts (there is more than 100 metres elevation change from the proposed 13th green to the proposed 4th tee!), but far more manageable.

The project includes an 18 hole golf course, plus an additional very short 9-hole par 3 course that winds its way around a steep mountain.  Construction is planned to commence in late 2014.

Above is the early Concept Plan and below are site photos showing the steep valley where the main 18 holes will be located.

On site The site