Putian Mazu Opening (October 1st)

Bob Shearer attended  the opening of the first 18 holes at Putian Mazu, Fujian Province.  Bob and Asia Business Manager, Joseph Shi, attended the celebrations which included 18 holes of golf, official speaches and a fireworks display followed by the official banquet dinner.  The event was attended by many dignatories from the local government and the Fujian Province government.  Putian Mazu golf course is Putians first golf course, although there is a driving range and par 3 course in the city centre. Bob and Joseph enjoyed the local cuisine which included seafood, pancakes and local wine and beer, however Fosters was unavailable.

The name ‘Mazu’ comes from the local folk culture and the Chinese goddess of the sea, who is said to protect fisherman and sailors.   Mazu was born on Meizhou Island, which is located just 3 kilometres from the golf course.

The third 9-holes is expected to be open in mid 2013.