Fushun Golden Bay

This is the first golf course in the Fushun City area and only one of five in the Shenyang/Fushun area. The 18 hole golf course forms part of a very large residential, commercial and recreation area that will include a 5 star hotel and Resort Theme Park. Construction of the first 18 holes commenced in March 2009 and opened for play in 2011.

The course consists of two distinct parts; the hilly forest terrain in the west half of the site and the flatter river plains in the east. The challenge for Davey Shearer was to arrange the golf holes so that there was a seamless blend in character throughout the golf course. This required extensive earth moving on the eastern half of the site and very little change to the west half.

The completed course consists of several holes where water or creeks come into play, as well as large areas of natural pine forest. DS designers have also used a style and scale of bunkering not yet seen in this part of China, and several short par 4’s are mixed with longer par 4’s and 5’s to make a memorable golf journey.

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