We are pleased to announce that Contour Golf Design has been appointed Golf Course Architects for the redevelopment of the Yowani Country Club.  The Yowani Board invited several golf course architects to prepare Concept Plans as part of the bidding process, and following an extensive and detailed due diligence process, the Board determined that our Concept clearly stood out in terms of its vision for the site. 

Yowani, which is located in Canberra just 3 kilometres from the CBD, is undertaking a major redevelopment which includes the progressive sale of a 9 hectare (22.2 acre) parcel of land on which their current clubhouse, carpark, driving range, bowling greens and a motel sit. It is proposed that the land will be redeveloped progressively over a period of several years, for medium and high-density housing as well as commercial use. The Club is also acquiring an unused parcel of land on the western border of the golf course on which a new clubhouse will be built.

The parkland character of the Yowani course.

The proposed land sale impacts on several golf holes, including the 1st, 9th and 10th. However, the biggest impact is that the course layout does not work as it is with the new clubhouse location.  Part of the design brief was to have the new clubhouse and golf course interact in such a way as to suggest that this was always the way it should be, providing a strong visual connection between the two.  This means that a major reconfiguration of the course will be required in order to meet this, and another objective, which is to have each 9 holes start and finish at the clubhouse. 

The new design includes ten completely new golf holes.  However, the design concept envisages that all the current course will eventually be upgraded with new greens and bunkering.  The first stage is to further develop the Concept to a full Masterplan for the site.