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Putian Mazu Golf Club, CHINA

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Putian Mazu Golf Course is located near the small city of Putian in Fujian Province on the east coast of China. The famous island of Meizhou lies just off the coast. Contour Golf designed an 18 hole Championship length golf course and an additional 9 hole course on a separate parcel of land to the west of the clubhouse.


The site for the golf course is dramatic, extremely varied and challenging, consisting of steep forested mountains, a disused quarry, terraced valleys and some areas of flat land. The golf course routing takes advantage of all these varied landscapes with holes playing up over the mountains, into and out of the quarry, but mainly through the beautiful natural valleys. 

The course officially opened in 2012 and, fulfilling our client's brief, was recently voted the 8th most difficult golf course in China! In November 2016, Putian Mazu hosted the PGA China Tour ‘Putian Open’. 

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